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Sending a note via Mail will command attention and make a lasting impression.

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How This Works
Can I include a picture when I send a letter?
You can include up to 5 pictures which will print along side the text of your message.
Can I send the same letter or card to more than one person?
Instead of just one delivery address you can specify a list so you can send a note or card to thank your customers, invite folks to a party, or or promote your product.
I do not have a good image on my device, do you have any I can use?
You can choose from a gallery of images for a party, birthday, thank you, good work and other occasions.
Can I send a letter to a member of the Armed Forces?
You can send a letter to anywhere the USPS delivers including APO FPO and DPO addresses.
What about communicating with folks without internet access?
Some folks cannot receive electronic mail, so you can send your letter to folks in institutions or out of the reach of the internet.
Does the note contain any advertising, or promotion of ZapaMail?
Other than a small light mark with our note number everything printed on the note you provide.
How much does it cost to send a card or letter?
It is $2 to send a single card or letter, and $1.50 for each additional address you send the same card or letter.
Can I tell when my note is delivered?
If you give us your email address when you create your note, we send you a link to track it.


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